Lumalive: Textilien als Interaktive Displays

23 Oktober 2008

What is Lumalive?
Philips Lumalive combines colourful dynamic light with textiles??Philips Lumalive is a new medium to convey emotions and messages. It creates a positive spirit and boosts your energy level. We use colorful dynamic animations on textile products like garments, to make an unexpected striking appearance. ?By integrating multicolor LEDs (light-emitting diodes) into textile objects Philips Lumalive transforms them into communication platforms, while their textile look & feel retains. This is a distinctive way to experience, communicate and personalize.
Promotion agencies welcome Philips Lumalive as a new communication medium. A significant number of brands and companies active in experiential marketing have been approaching us to apply our first Lumalive application, the light-emitting event gear in their forthcoming events. In addition, the success of our movie, placed on YouTube, where we had over 2 million views and around 5000 ratings, shows that Philips Lumalive makes a difference.
We see a clear trend in creating new products where the passion, craft, and care, are valued. Making products that look beautiful and work perfectly is not enough. Our goal is to add a new dimension to products and environments, by combining social & esthetic values, enhancing peopleâ€(tm)s well-being and safety.

_ Display panel: The standard Lumalive display panel is based on 14×14 RGB LED mounted on a thin and flexible substrate. Each pixel contains inorganic RGB LEDs. The display panel is covered with a splash waterproof protection cover.
_ Control unit: The standard control unit is equipped with a single chip system processor and a FLASH memory for the storage of 10 minutes of unique animations. It includes a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and a USB interface for the drag-and-drop functionality of the content from the PC.
_ Power consumption: The Lumalive system is powered by a rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery operates for 3 to 4 hours on one charge. After that the battery can be recharged again with the supplied battery charger.
_ Content management: The animations, logo’s and text, designed with the mainstream graphic design programs, can easily be converted into a Lumalive playlist with our Lumalive Playlist software. The software is compatible with BMP, GIF or JPG files and it works under Microsoft Windows2000 or Microsoft XP
_ Content storage: These playlists can easily be uploaded to the portable control unit via a USB connection, and displayed on the display panel


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